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Dr. Carmel Curtin founded Corabbey Dental & Orthodontics (Formerly Corabbey Dental Clinic) in 2004. Dr. Curtin graduated from University College Cork in 1997. She has completed postgraduate studies with both the University of Bristol and Kings College London.

Dr. Carmel trained in Facial Aesthetics in Harley Street in London and is constantly updating her skills. Anti-wrinkle treatments are becoming more and more popular amongst men and women. Dr. Curtin favours a more natural appearance –

Most of us simply want to look less tired, and the best version of ourselves that is possible. We certainly don’t want to have frozen foreheads or huge lips! Privacy is very important to patients – most don’t tell even close relatives that they are having anti-wrinkle treatments. Naturally having treatment by a dentist guarantees confidentiality. The fact that treatment is carried out in a Dental Clinic also means everyone assumes the patient is having dental treatment, again maximizing discretion.

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